Who we are

We are a group of freelancers at your service.

We are experts in various areas of Digital marketing. We are all united by a passion for Marketing and the same work values. We're not all the same, and that's fine, but we all want our results to be the best. We want to provide what many companies lack, a really good user experience. We do not say that we know everything, but we do our best to make it so. We believe that we will be your good partners in the field of Digital (online) marketing.

How we work

We work online, just like our marketing. So you won't find us together in a office building. However, we do not oppose personal contact and we will be happy to see you in person.

Our team is closely supervised by Monika, who is the main driving force and the founder of SkvelyMarketing.cz. You will mostly communicate and meet with her. 

Our mental well-being is also supervised by several of our four-legged friends, who sometimes remind us that life is also out of the computer and mobile phone.

Who leads us?

Monika Kleckova 

Monika is a marketer with heart and soul. Marketing and business is not only her job, but also her big hobby. She has been involved in online marketing for over 14 years. She has experience with many digital projects and all areas of Marketing. Furthermore, with the management of people and teams, with the training of employees and clients, all across different fields and market areas (B2B, B2C, e-shops). She has a master university degree in Economic, Management and Marketing.

Her real marketing career began in a junior position at the large media agency Medea Interactive, where she was repeatedly promoted up to senior roles. She also worked in several other agencies for a short time. But she was also tempted to try work from the other side, the client side. During her experience she was working in several large multinational companies, where she was part of Management of company. She was member not only Czech but also foreign Marketing teams. She has worked, for example, at Provident Financial and Arval CZ. She tried working for one already running Startup, where she was ask for leading this company, but thanks to unfavorable market conditions, this company were closed. 

She currently works as Head of SkvelyMarketing.cz and she cares about clients' projects and their marketing campaings. 

From an early age, I believed that it is possible to create a company that could offer professional service from the first to the last contact. I believe that this is exactly what SkvelyMarketing.cz is like.

We will find the best solution for you.

Our values


You can rely on us! It may sound like a cliché, but it applies to us - what we agree, we will fulfill. You don't have remind us or waste time unnecessary checks.

Organized approach

It is said that the intelligent person can also handle chaos. But we prefer order in things, and this is of course reflected in our approach to our work. Keeping deadlines or budgets is no problem for us.


If a solution is not suitable for you we will tell you straight, even with the risk that, thanks to our sincerity, we will have nothing to help you with. We may lose business but we will gain your trust and we value that much more.

If we make a mistake (and we are just people) we will admit it and, of course, correct it. 


We approach to work with maximum responsibility. We will always try to approach your business as if we should invest our own money. We always do the best we can.


Checking the work after yourself and looking at it from multiple sides and angles is our competitive adnantage.

We will often give you recommendations on things you do not ask us if we see that this could have a positive effect on your sales results.

Personal development

Marketing, and especially Digital, is constantly evolving and needs to be re-educated. We regularly study and attend various Marketing, courses and conferences. And we don't forget about self-development courses.