Cookies processing

What are cookies

A cookie is a small file of data that a server sends to a browser, which stores it on the user's computer. Each time you visit the same server, the browser sends this data back to the server. Cookies are commonly used to distinguish individual users, they store user preferences and thus simplify the use of websites.

Cookies are a tool to ensure the functionality of the website for a specific user. The visited website may store information about your behavior on the website in cookies. However, in no case can cookies be used to identify visitors to third parties.

Information from cookies can then be used for targeted advertising, statistical evaluation of visitors' behavior on the website, etc.

Why I use cookies

Ing. Monika Klečková, ID 09056319, with its registered office at Vratislavská 393/12, 181 00 Prague 8 - Bohnice, Czech Republic, registered in the Trade Register, is the operator of the website

Ing. Monika Klečková is a personal data administrator and uses cookies on her website for the following purpose:

  • measuring website traffic, creating traffic statistics and visitor behavior on their websites,
  • operation of its website,
  • for optimizing advertising messages.

When it comes to the use of cookies for advertising purposes, they are always used as a bulk unit and in a pseudonymized form.

It is the processing of personal data

The collection of cookies for the purpose mentioned in the previous paragraph can be considered as the processing of personal data. Such processing is possible on the basis of a legal reason and is permitted by Article 6 (1) (a). (f) Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (" Ordinance").

It is in your hands

Cookies for advertising targeting are processed on the basis of your consent. Consent to the collection of cookie data for marketing purposes can be withdrawn at any time by changing the settings of the relevant Internet browser. You can also use the website in a mode that does not allow the collection of visitor data.

Pursuant to Article 21 of the Regulation, an objection may also be raised against the collection of data by sending it to the e-mail I will evaluate your objection within 30 days of receiving it. Cookies necessary for the functionality of the website will be kept only for the time strictly necessary.

Which, unfortunately, I do not guarantee

If you object to the processing of technical cookies necessary for the functioning of the website, in such a case their full functionality and compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

Cookies, which are collected for the purpose of measuring website traffic, creating traffic statistics and visitor behavior on the website, are assessed in the form of a bulk unit and a pseudonymized form.

Other processors of personal data

Please note that the collected cookies can also be processed by other processors, in particular:

  • Google Analytics, Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Inc., USA
  • Facebook Inc., California, USA;
  • Sklik,, Prague, Czech Republic

or another provider of processing software services and applications, which I do not currently use. The above-mentioned processors of personal data also handle cookies in accordance with their contractual conditions, which you will find on their website.

What cookies do I use?

On the website I use two basic types of cookies divided by time:

  • Session cookies - temporary files that remain stored in your browser only until you close it.
  • Persistent cookies - files that remain stored on your device until you manually delete them.

None of the above types is used to collect personal information and it is therefore not possible to identify the user according to cookies.

According to the function that cookies can perform on my website, they are divided into:

  • Conversion - used to evaluate the performance of individual sales channels.
  • Tracking - in combination with conversion, they are used to analyze sales channels and help improve the user experience.
  • Analytical - help to understand the behavior of visitors to our site.
  • Remarketing - allows you to personalize the content of your ads.
  • Essential - are important and necessary for the basic functionality of the site.