Jan Tejnor - Owner - hand car wash at your home

"We work with Monika to promote our company From the first meeting, I understood that I was talking to an expert. 

Monika focuses on added value ie measurable orders. From big agencies I was used to the speech itself but not the results.

If you want a marketer, take anyone.

If you want results, want Monika.

Erika Faitova - Manager - sale of used vehicles

"We worked with Monika on the preparation of our company's new website (both in terms of design and technical solutions).

Monika brought a lot of inspiring ideas, which she was always able to fine-tune in detail and bring to a successful end.

All documents, as well as the necessary assignments were always clear, concise and well-arranged, comprehensive and always understandable. In case of disagreement, he always seeks a compromise and respects the opinions of others.

Monika understands her work very well and it will always be a pleasure to work with her on other projects. Working with Monika is always completely hassle-free, amazing and inspiring! "

Martin Kucera - Owner  -  e-shop with quality school briefcases and backpacks

"I approached Monika because I know her from our team work with a former employer and I know that she really masters digital marketing. In addition, she adheres to deadlines, budgets and enjoys further education in the marketing.

I didn't make a mistake, my new e-shop started generating orders immediately after launch, mainly thanks to the campaign settings. And how did Monika do it? Ask her ... 🙂 "

Libor Knappek, CFA - Owner - processes automatization 

"In cooperation with Monika I appreciate her ability to meet deadlines, as well as relaxed and pragmatic communication.

She helped me with the creation of product materials that are both graphically and textually clear."

Marcel Hanak


"As a training instructor I always need some promotional materials.

At Monika, I appreciate professional communication, processing speed and, most importantly, great results.

The outputs from her (business cards, leaflets, videos ...) are very well and interestingly graphically processed, people like them and always really interest them. And thank her for that."

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